Events & Workshops


Youth Yoga | summer 2019

The Youth programs run seasonally throughout the year. The 2019 Summer series is 6 weeks which includes 12 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 pm June 18-August 1 (no class July 2 &4). Class passes are valid for the dates of the series only and now available for $210 The Youth Class Pass also allows your child to attend as many adult classes during the series dates for no extra charge as long as a parent or adult guardian with a valid pass attends the class too. No refunds are provided. Drop-ins are welcome ($18 each). Students are expected but not required to attend all sessions in order to gain the maximum benefit and fun! The class requires a good attitude, discipline, and don't forget the fun. There are many benefits beyond creating fit bodies for athletic and non-athletic youth! According to Psychology Today, the benefits include improving physical fitness and general health, reducing stress and anxiety, improving optimism, improving focus and school performance, improving self-esteem and body image, encouraging creativity, and developing discipline and self-regulation. 


Summer Solstice Heart Opening Restorative Yoga with Kathleen Hall

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. It contains more hours between sunrise and sunset than any other day, presenting us with ample opportunities for warm-weather activities and simple summer fun. After the solstice, the days grow shorter as we move toward the autumnal equinox in September, during which light and dark fall into exquisite balance once more.


Sweet Soul Restorative Yoga and Live Music

Treat yourself to the gift of Restorative Yoga with Live Music! During this yoga practice, feel the body and mind completely relax and tune into the bliss. 
Yoga postures (asana) are supported with blankets, blocks, and bolsters to achieve total relaxation of the body/mind. These supported yoga poses are coupled with gentle somatic movements that will alternately stimulate the brain and relax the body to move toward balance. 
Somatic movements focus on the developmental movement patterns we are experienced as growing infants. They will be primarily performed on the floor and on all fours. Physiologically these movements reconnect the neural pathways in the brain, allowing us to gain more body/mind awareness. Long deep breathing and other rejuvenating breath work will be integral to the practice. 

The healing vibrational sounds of live music will support the practice. A wide range of ancient instruments from around the world combined with modern looping technology are used to weave an atmospheric soundscape. The music works twofold: first, it gives the mind a place to focus as the body begins to relax and open; second, the vibratory nature of this music is very balancing.