Getting Started

Taking the first step is often the hardest part of beginning anything new. At Collierville Yoga we have something for everyone – young, old, athletic, or not, inflexible or flexible! Yoga is for everyBODY. Our teachers offer modifications for all levels. Yoga is your journey, creating healthy habits for mind, body, and soul.

Throughout the year we offer New Student Specials to give you the ability to explore the different types of yoga and teacher experiences we offer. Whether you are looking to relax and restore, manage stress and anxiety or build strength and flexibility, Collierville Yoga has something for you. See our current NEW STUDENT SPECIAL HERE. It will not take long for you to experience the many benefits of yoga.

* New Student Specials are for new students and local residents only. Specials begin on the date of first class attended, and cannot be put on hold or extended. Special events and workshops are not included.

We know coming into a new space can be intimidating
Here are a Few Pointers for Your First Class With Us

Book Ahead

Reservations are encouraged. We are a small studio and suggest you pre-register for the class you would like to attend, BOOK NOW »

When you Arrive

Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins be sure to introduce yourself to your teacher. Let them know how much experience you have, or about any injuries or illness. Take a moment to get acquainted with the studio and relax on your mat before class begins.

What to Bring

Bring a mat, towel and a bottle of water with you. We do have studio mats if you do not own one yet.

Everything’s Going to be Alright

Remember, the only thing you are obligated to do in a yoga class is show up and breathe.  Everything else is optional.


If you are coming to us with an injury, special needs, or chronic pain we strongly encourage you to set up an introductory yoga private session so we can accommodate your needs and help you to stay safe.

Many new students ask us what is a good class to start with?.

We have Yoga 101 and Gentle Flow classes on the schedule. These classes take you step by step through each pose and intention of your practice.  We also offer Yobility, Yin, Kaiut and Restorative classes, which are perfect classes to begin with because they are physically safe and typically move slow enough for all levels of yogis.

If you have any questions or concerns please CONTACT US »